Are iTunes Gift Cards Good Gifts for Boyfriends?

itunes-gift-card-for-boyfriend best optioniTunes gift cards are some of the most popular iPhone and iPod related gifts. Question is, would it be a good gift to offer to a boyfriend? Would they appreciate it? Is it something they will actually be able to use? In a nutshell, yes, yes and yes. An iTunes gift card would be a pretty awesome gift to give to a boyfriend if of course, they use Apple and will actually be able to use the gift card. Where to get free iTunes coupons online?

However, gift cards look like last minute gifts you just remembered and picked up. They at times look as if you had no time to spare for the one you love to get a “real” gift, so to speak. This means that you can give them a gift card, and they will appreciate it but not for special occasions like birthday, the holidays or whatever occasion is coming up. Make it a nice surprise out of the blues when they don’t even expect it to simply show you your affection.

What makes an iTunes gift card so good?

A gift card means that he will be able to buy whatever he wants with it and that ability to choose for himself will make him even more appreciative. Some people would view a gift card as lazy, impersonal or a cop-out but what makes it so personal is that ability for them to buy what they want. iTunes gift cards come with brimming possibilities and a guarantee that he will end up with something he loves.

What could they use the iTunes gift card on?

Once they redeem the card, there are several things they can use the card for, even if they are not regular iTunes shoppers.

Premium subscriptions

There are some really great music apps but the problem with them, for instance with Pandora, are the ads that keep popping up. Most people wish the ads could just disappear and this is totally possible with an iTunes gift card. With the Itunes gift cars, your boyfriend will be able to get premium monthly subscriptions to apps like Netflix, Pandora, Texture, Howl and others. As long as they subscribe within the app, they will avoid all those ads, even though for a while.

In-app purchases

There are certain freemium apps like Candy Crush or Angry Birds that come with in-app purchases. This means that sooner or later, one reaches a point where in order to move forward they have to purchase features and powerups. It’s a given that most gamers don’t like to admit to defeat and paying for premium might seem like it but using a free gift card to pay for the features will definitely be sweet.

Movie and music rentals

Who doesn’t like to watch movies or listen to music, really? There is a huge collection of movie rentals and music albums your boyfriend will likely enjoy and when they come for free, even better. The best thing about this is the variety of movies and music available, the TV programs and the wide selection of documentaries they could watch. If he has an Apple TV, he could buy content using the iTunes gift card as well. Your gift card will not go unappreciated.

Don’t forget iBooks

You might not know this but a free iTunes gift card can be used on iBooks as well. If your boyfriend enjoys a good book, he will probably love the free collection they will get on iBooks. He will be able to use the iBooks store on either a mobile device or his Mac PC.

Apps for Mac

One great thing about iTunes gift cards is that they can be used on Mac App store as well. If your boyfriend does not have an iOS device but has Mac, they will be able to use the iTunes gift card to get apps or games from the Mac App Store. The apps here are usually pricier than those on mobile phones but so much better and more powerful. Your boyfriend could use the gift card to bring prices down on useful apps like video editors or image editors and text editors if they blog.

There you have it!

These are all the fun ways your boyfriend will enjoy your gift so you can be sure it will be a good gift. The best thing about the iTunes gift card is the versatility and he will be able to choose whatever he likes the most.